Swedish Physician And Kostdoktorn (‘Diet Doctor’) Blogger Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt

With all the constant criticism we’ve heard over the years about high-fat, low-carb diets by the media and the so-called health “experts” in the United States of America describing it as a dangerously unhealthy “fad,” one would logically conclude that it is a nutritional approach that is not backed by sound science or any respected medical professionals. But when you go beyond the American borders into other countries where livin’ la vida low-carb is making great strides penetrating into the national diet debate, it totally changes your perspective about how this way of eating is bringing about positive changes in the weight and health of the patients who are being placed on these plans. One of the hottest countries where low-carb living is exploding is the nation of Sweden. Or, as they like to call it, LCHF (low-carb, high-fat)!

One of the most influential members of the LCHF community in Sweden is a young family physician named Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt who is the author of the #1 low-carb blog in the world called Kostdoktorn which is translated into English as “Diet Doctor.” I’ve been in correspondence with Dr. Eenfeldt for several years and he has been a special guest speaker on the annual Low-Carb Cruise to the Bahamas since 2010. My impressions of this man is that he is a very kind, patient, inquisitive, and understanding person who is making his mark within his sphere of influence–and it’s growing by leaps and bounds. Boasting tens of thousands of daily blog readers, Dr. Eenfeldt has positioned himself as the go-to resource for people desiring more information about LCHF. The following video shows him going up against another one of the conventional wisdom-spouting Swedish health “experts” on television (yes, I know you probably won’t understand what is being said, but observe Dr. Eenfeldt’s respectful yet firm mannerisms and calm demeanor):


I was pleased to be able to sit down with Dr. Eenfeldt at the conclusion of the 2010 Low-Carb Cruise to interview him on video about the work he is doing. Watch that interview here:


I’m excited to share about Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt with you and look forward to sharing my interview with him for a more extensive conversation on “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” coming up in Episode 494 on August 22, 2011. Also, he has already signed up to be a part of The 5th Annual Low-Carb Cruise in May 2012 by being a guest speaker for the third year in a row–so you can look forward to meeting this amazing guy for yourself in the flesh. He’s participated in several American low-carb and obesity conferences for the past of years and will be a special guest lecturer at the Ancestral Health Symposium on the campus of UCLA in Los Angeles in August 2011. Dr. Eenfeldt is a man on a mission committed to the cause and I’m so glad you’ve now heard about the spectacular work he is doing in Sweden. We haven’t even come close to hearing the last from this incredible man. If you want to “Eat Like A Swede,” then you have a lot you can learn from Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt.


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